What are the suitable purposes of urethane products ?
Our elastomer urethane has a special high mechanical strength, and brings out the excellent performance for heavy loading, abrasion resistance and impact resistance.
Please tell me the characteristic features of urethane rubber.
Our urethane rubber is an industrial part of which the conflicting characteristics and performance of hardness of plastics and elasticity of rubber are combined into a material.
How much is the hardness of urethane rubber?
In general, hardness of urethane rubber is in a range between 80 and 95 degree Shore A. We deal with 65, 80, 90 and 95degree.
Are there several kinds of urethane depending on the purpose?
Kind of urethane is selected and used depending on the status of use, environment of usage or purpose, for example even same 90 degree hardness urethane. For the details, please feel free to contact us.
Is the order for small lot accepted?
Of course it can order. Small size, small lot and various kinds are in our line. It is a feature of urethane that it can be supplied flexibly to meet the requirements for each purpose, and we believe that it is an advantage of our technology.
Is worn urethane able to replace?
Worn or damaged part of urethane can be replaced. The cost for replacement is limited to only urethane resin since cores made of steel or aluminum can be reused as like as before.
Is urethane able to apply to any product?
We cast all urethane with the molds. Accordingly, it is difficult to produce extremely small products such as the parts for electronic devices.
Is urethane suitable for any kind of material?
Urethane cannot be baked on the materials which do not resist the temperature and heated period since it is heated to 120℃ for 6 hours or more. For example steel or aluminum has no problem but plastics may deform depending on the kind.
What is the biggest size which can be ordered?
The products which exceed 1m length or width cannot be produced by the reason of allowable size of production facility.
Are urethane products able to play a role under any ambient condition?
Recommended ambient temperature of our urethane products is in a range between -10℃ and +80℃.
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