Applying a feature of urethane to various places
A wide range of products are available

These are widely used in various conveying equipment or the latest industrial equipment fields such as rifting machines consisting of elevators and escalators, urethane tires of forklift, transfer rollers etc.
Cushion absorber of press machines (Urethane cushion material).
It can be applied to a wide range of press machines from small size to big size.
Sheets and blocks
Uretahane sheets and urethane blocks as the materials or members can be produced from the small quantities in desired size. These can be used for the protection of products, equipment and edge tools etc.
Casters of 4, 5 and 6 inches, fixed type, free type, free and brake type are prepared.
Replacement rewinding only urethane resin can be ordered.
Barrel grinder
Inner surface of barrel grinder is coated with urethane. The products and barrel itself can be ground without damages.(Please leave the replacement of urethane to us.) Urethane coating can be applied to other purposes not only barrel grinder.
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