E-CLEAN Series
Defatted water solubility cleaning agent of plant origin An earth-friendly solvent which does not affect the environment or human body.
■Nature and environment friendly since 98.5% of E-CLEAN itself is biodegraded in 7 days after drained.
■It washes inside the drain pipe at the same time when drained.
■Diluted liquid in 5% kills bacillus coli after 5 minutes.

In addition, various items for each purpose are prepared.
Oil Hunter
High performance oil absorber. This is a human being and environment friendly oil absorber using the natural fiber (Cotton).
■The oil dripping off in the previous olefin absorber does not drip off because Oil Hunter keeps the oil inside the fiber.
■It can be burnt directly.
White Wiper
Cotton wiper for the near work.
It does not generate static electricity.
■A environment friendly material complying with the global environment preservation activities (ISO).
■With the sponge structure of cotton itself and soft drape, it adheres the objects tightly, and the dirt is tangled and wiped.
■It can be re-used with the easy hand washing.
Applicable business sectors: Semiconductor / Optics (lens, glass) /Pharmaceutical (medical, cosmetics / Food process etc.
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